The ski trip hosted by Mr Clifford is a spectacular experience; I’ve been on the ski trip 3 times and would recommend it to everyone. The week consists of 6 days of skiing during the day and various activities in the evening, for instance: rocking climbing, a 5-star hotel spa trip, a roller-disco and an organised snowball fight with a torch lit walk. Many people I know are put off by the price, however, unlike other trips, Mr Clifford and the staff from the other Schools that attend the trip have worked vigorously to get a bargain price for everyone, therefore, it is only best to take advantage of it as ski holidays nowadays costs within the thousands.

On the way to Torgon, Switzerland we travelled from Birmingham to Dover, from there we took the Ferry to Calais and then drove a couple of hours to the ski resort. Despite the long tiring journey, the coach trip had its benefits: I met new friends and got to know my old ones even more. I prefer taking the coach to Torgon because it offers the opportunity to see both French and Swiss cultures. After arriving at the ski resort everyone was extremely anxious to start skiing the next day, so on Saturday we all unpacked, got our ski gear and had a much needed rest for the long day ahead.

The first day of skiing is always a new experience to everyone, in some cases people had to face their fears for the first time as they had never been challenged to the limit before. Yet I always manage to see a trend, in which people become more comfortable and accustomed to skiing as the week progresses. After a relentless day of skiing, there are a plethora of activities to do within the ski centre, such as table tennis, indoor football, a cinema room and a pool table. As the week progressed people started to become more confident in skiing, allowing us to explore more resorts in the alps. Resorts like Chatel, La Chapelle and La Linga offered an abundance of slopes, skate parks and border passes to venture throughout the week. On Wednesday everyone was tired from four demanding days of hard work, so we were rewarded with a 5-star spa experience. The spa consisted of river rapids with multiple Jacuzzis, waterfalls and swimming pools.

I’ve been attending this ski trip since year 8 and have no regrets! Personally, this ski trip has helped boost my confidence and conquer my fear of heights; I can honestly say I am a better person now than I was before; This ski trip has my strongest of recommendations for anyone because it is truly worth it. It is a once in a lifetime experience!


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