Year 11 Information Page

Welcome to Year 11

A new beginning, a new approach and the journey to success…..

As the Achievement Coordinator for Year 11 I would like extend my warm welcome to you all. First of all education should be fun, preparing for school every morining should be fun and opening that envelope in August 2016 should be fun, because at LBS,  we will ensure that you enjoy your education so that you can achieve and exceed your true potential.

The new approach to the start of this year has developed a vibrant atmosphere and a sense of expectation. The standards and expectations are high but realistic, and students will be supported by a very strong pastoral team and all staff across all subjects. This support is reflected in our new revision/booster sessions that are running everyday during and after school. The newly structured pastoral and intervention team will work upon increasing achievement across all subjects and will be quick to eradicate any barriers affecting progression.

The new rewards system will help to motivate and encourage students to really focus and work towards their target grades as well as develop a sense of belonging. Each student in the year group can gain points for their attendance, punctuality, commitment, effort and achievement every day. These points will be accumulated and placed in a ranking where all students will be rewarded.  There is a supportive and dedicated team of form tutors who are there to encourage, motivate and support the students throughout the most important year at LBS. Parents and guardians will be contacted frequently to ensure that you are kept upto date with your son’s progress.

I would like to emphasise to the student, parents and guardians that my office door is always open therefore please feel free to come along to my office at any time if you have any concerns or problems. If I am not available then you can always contact me via e-mail.

I would like to leave you all with my favourite saying….

‘hard work will always beat ability’

Mr Arshad | Achievement Co-ordinator Years 10 & 11


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