Student Voice at Lordswood Boys’ School

What is Student Voice?

Student voice allows students to have a say about what goes on at Lordswood Boys’ School and to be active participants in the school community.

At LBS the student voice helps students to participate in and contribute to a number of processes at school, including:

  • decision making in a variety of areas like curriculum planning and school community values
  • forming a student-led Action Team to research and develop strategies to improve the school community
  • providing feedback about teaching and learning at the school. In practice, student participation in the school community ranging from adult led to student led .

Lordswood Boys’ School focuses upon the philosophy of, the higher the level of student participation, the more meaningful it is to students.

Who are my representatives?

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Year 7 | Year 8| Year 9| Year 10 | Year 11

Why is it important for students to have a voice at LBS?

A fact, you spend a lot of time at school. After the family, LBS  has the most significant influence on development, so making students’ time at school enjoyable and worthwhile supports their mental health and well-being. Part of this process involves supporting students to be active contributors to their own learning.

The sense of belonging, positive relationships and improved self-esteem allows students at LBS to become active contributors in their school community.

While listening to student voice is important, here at LBS we understand that working as a team is a key ingredient for success. In each form group across each year group we have Junior Leadership members who meet twice a half term to discuss issues. This then is fed into the Executive Junior Leadership meeting that involves the Head Teacher.

Therefore have your say….

Student Leadership Calendar 2015/16

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Year 7 Junior Leadership Team

Year 8 Junior Leadership Team

Year 9 Junior Leadership Team

Year 10 Junior Leadership Team

Year 11 Junior Leadership Team