Our Ethos and Values

Lordswood Boys’ is a school with aspirations to be outstanding – our boys deserve nothing less.

Our core belief is the value of an education designed specifically for our boys.
Our main aim is to enable your son’s education and for him to grow into a happy, fulfilled and responsible young man, able to enter the adult world with confidence.
We are proud of our boys, who leave us able to make decisions and form lasting and meaningful relationships, and we regard this as one of our many major achievements.

So what will Lordswood offer your son?

First and foremost we provide a framework of high expectations and standards in a supportive yet challenging atmosphere.
We promote a motivated work ethic where enjoyment and creativity in lessons are positively encouraged.
We’re open-minded and like our boys to exercise their enquiring minds, so give them extraordinary opportunities both in school and out which stretch them to think ‘outside the box’.
In doing this, our team of committed teachers are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure some wonderful opportunities are offered to boys at Lordswood.
This is a very exciting time for Lordswood Boys’ School, and we hope you will enjoy reading about our successes and our plans for an even more successful future.