Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch Up Premium


Literacy and Numeracy funding£5000
Number of students below threshold on entry 13GPVS 27
Reading 28
Maths 31
Amount of LAC funding£0£1500
Number of students eligible for LAC funding01
Catch up funding used for 2015-16
Amount Allocated
Impact 2015-16
2016-17 Spending Plan
The Year 7 students entering below threshold were placed on additional bespoke catch up sessions during review time in the mornings for two sessions per week led by the learning support team for literacy with a focus on basic skills using Progress units. £5,500Catch up funding is having a positive impact on our students’ progress. Of the cohort of 13 students who entered below threshold in English all reached their target. In Maths, 10 students entered below threshold and only 2 did not meet their end of year target.
KS2 SATS indicate that 27 students are entering below threshold in GPVS, 28 in Reading and 24 in maths. 31 Students in Year 7 have reading ages of <10 years(DRA) on entry and 127 have CATS of <90. The focus group will be drawn from this cohort
TA support in lessons.
Met from SEN budgetTA support in lessons.
The learning base opens to support students before school, at lunchtimes and after school.£500The Learning base will continue to open before school/lunchtimes and after school.
Accelerated reading programmes were in place for Year 7s below threshold and star reading tests were used to monitor progress. In addition the DRA test was purchased and all Yr. 7 students with reading ages below 10 years were targeted with 1:1 or 1:2 support in reading from a teacher for 2 hours per week.£500


Students made progress of between 5 months and 35 months in reading age . All other Year 7 students who were targeted by the Reading Recovery programme made between 12 months and 58 months progress.
All students entering below threshold will be tested using a range of baseline assessments including the DRA and intervention programmes will be put in place to meet individual needs.
EAL 2 students new to English in Year 7 with @5 more second stage learners.Met from whole school budget
Increasing numbers of EAL students are joining the school with little or no English an EAL Coach and 2 assistants have been employed to support students throughout school with tailored packages.