School Uniform



Uniform from September 2015

Following a period of consultation with staff, students, Governors and the Lordswood Academies Trust, we have decided to change the school uniform at Lordswood Boys’ School. This is being accompanied by a change in the school logo, the motto and the wider branding of the school. I need to make you aware of the details and also of our expectations for changing to the new dress code.

New School Uniform

Navy sweatshirt with LBS logo.

White polo shirt with LBS logo.

Black trousers, no change to current uniform.

Black shoes or plain black training shoes.
Important: Trainers with coloured trim are not permitted.

New school sports kit: PE staff will advise students as to which kit is required at which time of the year. 

Colder weather: Navy and white hooped rugby shirt with LBS logo.

Warmer weather: Sky blue polo shirt with LBS logo.

Black shorts or black track suit bottoms or black jogging bottoms. Training shoes or rubgy/football boots (depending on activities).

uniform illustration
Where can I buy it?

The school will be selling the polo shirts, the sweatshirt and the rugby shirt. Other items are readily available at many other shops.

How much does it cost?

Polo shirts up to 13yrs: £9, above 13yrs (S, M, L, XL, XXL): £10.50.

Sweatshirts up to 13yrs (30”-32”): £9, above 13yrs (34” and upwards): £14.00.

Rugby/winter PE shirt, all sizes: £14.00.

(Please note: The school is supplying these items at zero profit. The price you see is the wholesale price and the total cost is under £60 for five items if two white polo shirts are bought, less than the price of a single blazer).

full kit

What footwear is acceptable?

Acceptable footwear is plain black leather trainers or shoes. Some examples:


Examples of unacceptable footwear:



What if I have the old school uniform that is still perfectly useable?

Your son may continue to wear this up to the end of the next academic year, that is, July 2016. This means we are allowing 1 whole school year to make the change, but after September 1st, 2016, all students should wear the new uniform. Students are not permitted to mix and match the old and new uniforms, ie, polo shirt with blazer or black trainers with shirt and tie, etc.

Please note: We have informed Clive Mark that we no longer wish for parents to purchase the old uniform, as of now, June 2015. The new uniform will not be available from Clive Mark, it is available from the school only.